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About AT&T Veterans

AT&T Veterans is an independent 501c3 charitable organization comprised of AT&T employees and retirees dedicated to serving the veteran/military community.

We value and appreciate the sacrifice our military men and women provide for our country each and every day allowing us all a better and safer place to live and grow.

Our Members

Our members represent the depth of patriotism in our country and the many sacrifices made in support of our freedoms. We pursue activities that support veteran/military causes. We are a tax-exempt, public charity.

We are current or retired AT&T employees who have served or serving, have military family, or patriots of the US military. If you are an AT&T employee and would like to become a member of our EG, please visit https://www.attveterans.org/join/

Military/Veteran Support

At AT&T, we know that making the transition into a civilian job can be challenging, so we’ve created some new tools to optimize your job search experience.

AT&T Veterans EG, as a standalone 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, is not formally affiliated with AT&T, so our activities compliment the very significant efforts of the company on behalf of Veterans – both AT&T employees and non-employees.  Our EG makes independent decisions regarding our volunteer service and fund raising/fund allocation activities. 

In many cases, programs that started with one Veteran EG Chapter turned into enduring programs sponsored by Corporate AT&T.  One example of this is the Carry The Load campaign, which, after initial volunteer support offered by our EG now receives funding, technical support, and AT&T-wide volunteer service. 

In other cases, programs remain primarily within our EG, such as Chapter involvement in VA hospital visits, Care Packages for deployed personnel, and Angel Flight participation (escorting WWII Veterans to view the WWII Memorial in Washington, DC).

The AT&T Veterans EG is also developing a member mentoring program, primarily focused on Veteran employees trying to navigate a new HR and Career Progression culture that is much different from the military.

Check with your Chapter President or another Chapter Officer about your Chapter’s participation in these activities – or, take the lead to start a program in your local community.

Furthermore, we are committed to our troops and offer positions for every type of military background. Visit us online to use our military translator tool, join our veteran talent network, and connect with AT&T Veterans at att.jobs/military.

Military Spouses

Those that did serve in uniform know first-hand that “spouses serve too.”  From the stress of separation due to deployments to the long hours and frequent moves of an active duty career, we know that spouses are a critical component of active duty military success as well as the rehabilitation and reintegration of Veterans no longer in uniform.  AT&T has a number of spouse employment programs that we support as well as directly participating in Military Spouse support organizations.

Spouses of our Reserve Component employees, as well as spouses of Fallen and Disabled returning Veterans at large, are also a focus area for our EG.   

Our EG provides ongoing consultations to Corporate AT&T Human Resources to ensure career programs are in place to accommodate spouses who move frequently with their Active Duty spouse.  Many Chapters maintain support programs for the spouses of deployed employees (most do not live on a base and do not receive normal spouse support from the military).   

Finally, our EG volunteers frequently participate in fundraising and support activities providing for spouses raising families after the loss of a military member (such as Gold Star Kids for College) and spouses caring for Medically Discharged or Disabled Veterans (such as Help Starts Here). 

Check with your Chapter President or another Chapter Officer about your Chapter’s participation in these activities – or, take the lead to start a program in your Chapter.

PTS Awareness & Info

Getting Left Of Impact

Introduction to PTSD

How I knew I had PTSD

AT&T National Recognition from Military Friendly!


Easiest. Answer. Ever. Because the Military Friendly® designation creates better outcomes for veterans. By setting a standard, then promoting it, we provide positive reinforcement for American organizations to invest in programs that improve the lives of veterans. That’s good for veterans, good for the organizations and good for America.


Military Friendly® is the standard that
measures an organization’s commitment, effort and success in creating sustainable and meaningful benefit for the military community. Now, let’s unpack that. Because every word of that definition was purposefully chosen.

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